Technology’s history begins when the very first tool was invented.  The term technology refers to any type of method and technique invented to help with daily tasks.  It started as simple as the first stone tools and advanced to the very complex devices of wireless networks, information technology, and genetic engineering.

The History of Technology

The history of technology starts with the story of humanity and its efforts to take control of its surrounding environments.  It tells the story of humans’ creativity to think of things to change life for its own benefit.

This started in the Stone Age with the creating of tools out of rocks and using those tools to create more tools out of other materials, like wood and bone.  Many things were invented in this era, all new inventions to make life easier.  These cultures developed music for dancing and singing, weapons for warfare, canoes for traveling by water, and much more.

Ancient Technology

Ancient technology brings to the modern mind a picture of that boxed TV or that very strange-looking computer in the storeroom.  But Ancient technology is when humans started using metals to create tools.

The use of metal significantly brought advancement to all their building structures, shipbuilding, and every craft they used.  This meant stronger housing, stronger ships that could sail further distances, and better-equipped swords and tools.

The Iron Age

Iron smelting technology replaced bronze with iron-made tools and weapons that were stronger and lighter to carry.  Producing iron articles were also much cheaper than bronze articles and the raw materials were easier to find.

During this period, different technologies were developed and created in different areas all over the world.  Many of the bigger developments, like the Pyramids, or the Walls of Babylon, written scripts, the wheel, and many more, can still be visited today, and are also still in use by the modern world.

Modern Technology

Technology still includes all inventions, big or small, but in this modern era technology is divided into many different categories.  All the big technological developments are well-known because they are newsworthy.

The world expects new, better, and bigger, technological creations every day.  But then, they forget that using a pencil to write, or scissors to cut paper, and a screwdriver to loosen a screw is all technology at work.