Factors that can Influence your Wi-Fi Signal

There are several things to take into consideration before a Wireless Network can be installed.  Different types of wireless technology have different limitations and constraints.  A properly performed Wi-Fi site survey should be done before any installations should be considered.

Reasons to perform a Wi-Fi site survey

Many factors can influence the performance of any Wireless Network.  A network without cables and wires functions with signals and radio waves that can be obstructed by various objects.

A survey will detect anything that can cause an obstruction, like physical obstructions, electronic gadgets, other devices, and technical settings.  Other wireless networks in the nearby area can also affect networks in their signal reach.  The distance between devices in the planned network can also have an influence on which network should be used.

Physical Obstructions

Physical obstructions can be such things as materials used in construction like metal and concrete.  This can deflect or obstruct a Wi-Fi signal.  Mirrors on walls can also have a considerable impact on these signals.

Other Devices and Electronic Gadgets

Electronic devices and gadgets can interfere with the frequency of a wireless network.  A long list of these gadgets and devices can include microwave ovens, alarm systems, satellite dishes, and cordless phones.  A survey will identify if any of these devices will cause a problem.

Nearby Wireless Networks

Other wireless networks in the nearby area can have a major influence on the performance of your network.  A neighboring business, a local hotspot, or coffee shop can interfere with smaller home wireless networks.  A survey will identify these problems and the correct channel changes that can be made during installation.

Distance from a Router

The distance from a router will affect the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.  The further from a router, the more physical obstructions and other devices can interfere with the signal.  When deciding on a wireless network, the distance between devices should be considered.  When the devices are far apart, you might need to install more than one router to accommodate all.

All these problems can be detected beforehand when a proper survey has been done.  The best solutions for these problems can then be decided on.  When the planning, decision on which wireless network will be best, and the installation take place, the problems can be solved as part of the installation.