Wireless Network – Connecting without Wires

Communication systems that work without cables or wires attached, but using airborne radio signals, are called Wireless Networks.

Many Different Types of Wireless Networks

Different types of wireless networks differ from each other in size, their range, and the type of connectivity it requires.  There are four types of wireless networks.

Wireless LAN technology can provide access to the internet within a building or smaller outdoor area.  Mostly used in homes and smaller offices, this technology is now also used in restaurants and stores.

Wireless MAN is installed in metropolitan areas.  It has been installed in cities worldwide and provides access to the internet outside of a home or office network.

Wireless PAN covers a limited area and typically has a maximum range of meters for covered devices.

Wireless WAN uses Cellular Technology to enable users to connect to other systems, for instance, a wired telephone system.

Radio Networks

Radio is also a wireless network. Transmitting and receiving radio signals through the air.  FM-radio, AM-radio, HD-radio, and Satellite radio stations broadcast their programmes daily for many listeners.

Cellphone Networks

Cellphones and Smartphones work through a network of cellphone towers connecting to each tower by radio waves.  People can speak one to another in different areas, and even worldwide.

Satellite TV Networks

Satellites communicate to TV Networks through Microwave Radio Waves.  These waves are not deflected by the atmosphere around the Earth.


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