A wired network’s purpose is to link a group of devices, like computers and printers.  A wireless network serves the same purpose but without wires and cables.  Installing a wired network can be very labour-intensive, take longer, and is more expensive.

Setting up a wireless network is faster, cheaper, and generally quite easy.  You might need one or two connection cables, but nothing going through walls or the roof.  But, how does it work?  Can you install a wireless network for your home by yourself?

Following are a few Videos to help with explaining how a Wireless Network operates and how to install such a network by yourself.

Video 1 –

This video explains how each device in the network is given an address.  This address identifies each device allowing the router, through which all messages, and e-mails are processed, to send the directed data correctly.  Without the address, the device won’t be able to be found.

Video 2 –

This video explains how a router works, what the actual function of a router is, and how the router performs that function.  An explanation of why you might need a router is also included.

Video 3 –

This video explains the difference and sameness of a wireless modem and router and why you might need both.  The network needs to have a modem.  The modem receives the signal from outside and sends the correct signal to the device it is addressed to.

A router helps to strengthen the signals sent to the network, and it can also widen the range of the wireless network.

Video 4 –

This video offers help to set up a router to strengthen your internet signal throughout your network.  It explains what might influence the strength of the Wi-Fi signal and where is the best spot to place the router.

Video 5 –

If maybe you are wondering what type of wireless network installation will be best for your needs, this information can clear up any uncertainty.  You can estimate what type of speed your network will need throughout all devices.  This depends on what type of information you need to access via the Internet.

E-mail messaging, and normal research will need less speed than watching movies or streaming programs from the internet.

How does it Work

Watching these videos, you will gather that a Wireless Network is not something magical.  A wireless network operates by using radio frequency technologies.  Supplying a radio frequency to an antenna creates an electromagnetic field that enables the radio wave to move through space to reach all intended devices.