The Possibilities of Technology in Research

Research can be described as the use of existing facts and knowledge in a creative and new way.  Research is used to generate new understandings, new concepts, and new creations.  The use of technology to help in this quest cannot be underestimated.

Research happens on all levels of living and in all areas of life.  Daily research is done in health and sickness, in education, in science, and in almost everything that you can see, touch, smell, hear, and taste.

Why do we Need Research?

Research is essential to find out new things, new methods, new treatments, and new technology.  Research fills in those gaps in knowledge that sometimes appear.  It helps to make the puzzle of many occurrences complete.

The reason why new technologies see the light every day is because of research.  Technology itself is used in research in almost every way possible.  Without research, many things would just not be known, or not have been invented.

What is Research?

Research is the gathering of information from different sources.  Research is done to discover, explore, and uncover unknown knowledge, and to use this knowledge to advance to the next level of knowledge.

Research is also used to test old theories and create new theories from the knowledge gathered.  Research will also make it possible to predict what might happen in different and varying circumstances.  Research is testing the known and using these results to try and figure out the unknown.

The Influence of Technology on Research

Technology is used in almost all research.  You will also need technology to research technology to create the new and advanced technologies which are always in demand.

Research contributed to most of the apparent facts that improved life for all.  Research in medicine and health improved treatments and the possibilities for correct diagnosis of illness.  Research, with the help of technology, changes the world for the better, daily.